Reviving the Wikia. Edit

Hello, I'm known as a2707 on Wikia, but you can refer to me as Enerdy, which is my Summoner Name on League of Legends EU West server.

I've got quite fond of custom games lately, but there are always a lot of different rules to each. Take Hide and Seek as an example: there exist 15-20 rulesets around, with the most variant being the prebans (Besides Eve, Rengar and Yi, Kassadin and Teemo tend to bounce between allowed or banned. There are even variations with no prebans at all).

So when someone linked me this wiki once for game rules, I've seen a future on this. I see that there are lots of game modes here which are scrapped, were deleted (Freeze Tag was cleared by some troll, I already roll backed the content). We need to give some love to this wiki!

I had a complete overhaul of the Hide and Seek mode for Crystal Scar last night and I want to improve this wiki. I'm not doing it alone, however. I don't know who created this on first place, but I need the creators to edit the main page with fresh content, and I need more people to help me refresh the game pages. I will be wandering the wiki in the next few days and I'll be making overhauls to the game modes I know. Those include the already overhauled HnS Crystal Scar, Dodgeball, Draft Racing, Death to Death (the original gamemode that redirected me to this wikia) and Brawl / Deathmatch.

Being more specific, mod / adminship would help me manage the wiki better, but since that's asking too much, I just want the admins to refresh the main page for me.

If more can be done, I'm available. a2707 on Wikia, Enerdy on League of Legends EUW 00:32, August 31, 2013 (UTC)

Hi there,

I wanted to post my game mode: Hunter Hunted but I can't edit the front page.  Can you add it for me?  I already wrote it up on this wiki: Hunter Hunted

Hello. I know this is out of context, but please sign your posts in the talk page using four tildes (~) at the end of your posts or click on the signature buttom. Regarding your question, the front page is protected, as most wiki's front pages are, to prevent troll edits. You gotta ask an admin to add your game mode, and unfortunately they seem to all be off. Anyway, thanks for adding that new gamemode, I'd love to try it someday. A2707 on Wikia, Enerdy on League of Legends EUW 14:14, September 4, 2013 (UTC)

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