Draft Racing

Basic Rules: The goal is to reach the enemy spawn area and die IN the fountain in order to make a point

ALL teams MUST have 2 runners 2 defenders and 1 roamers. However, all positions may do anything but each group much take blame for a problem. Taking lane creeps and jungle creeps are not allowed.

Taking EXP and leeching is illegal and points will be taken

The first team to 10 will win. The 3 Positions and what they do.

Runners: Run and try to get points and typically build tanky. Good Runners have an ability that can get them across the wall. The best runners have a tactic they can use inside of the base to increase their chances of success.

Defenders: Defenders defend the spawn area from runners and are trying to kill as many as runners. They build AP or AD typically and have a lot of cc. Pushing people into the turret helps a lot.

Roamers: Hands down the hardest position in the entire game. The Roamer must kill runners before they reach the base and must be fed first. A good roamer is somewhat tanky with high ad scaling.

All trinkets are legal

Teleport is a globally accepted banned summoner spell, however cleanse can or can not be banned, for my rooms cleanse is banned.

Tier List (Please add recommendations at the bottom part, Updates or changes may be made if deemed to be appropriate)

Defend: God: Alistar

Tier 1: Ashe Blitzcrank Twisted Fate Pantheon Cho'gath Lux

Tier 2: Thresh Kennen Janna

Tier 3: Poppy, Kha'zix Maokai


God: Shaco, Morgana, Vladimar, Shen

Tier 1: Jax Leblanc Zac Lee Sin Katarina Aatrox Tryndamere Gagras

Tier 2: Fizz Ezreal Karma Evelelyn Kha'zix

Tier 3: Kennen

Roam: God: Kha'zix, Rengar, Udyr, Riven, Gangplank

Tier 1: Gankplank, Lee Sin,

Tier 2: Draven, Darius, Pantheon

Tier 3: Shyvana

Tier Changes/adding required Gangplank (comment below for agreeing or disagreeing with the change info below) More people being planned/added next week updates in effect: 10/2/2013

Extra Notes/Tips Someone may have cs because of wards also just because they do not have cs does not mean they did not leech.  If you are roam and you are in need of gold instead of killing you can remove wards by using the oracle elixir to help your runner remain in the fog of war and help yourself with the gold.  In some games which allow snowball items a great tactic is to tell your defence to get snowballs to get lots of stacks and extra stats to do a lot of extra damage. Also your Defence will most likely not die unless they do a Assassinator run. 

Terminology: Turtle: The act of a lot of members staying in the their base trying to get fed. Assassinator run: The act were the defenders and runners run

Updates in effect: more champs being updated/added

Extra rules: (Used in my rooms: chiachichang's rooms)

Items banned:Guardian Angel,any items that has an item that operates like cleanse. anything with the ability quicksilver. Snowball items are banned i.e. bloodthirster.(items that increaser per attack are not banned ie the black cleaver) and items that stack are also banend. Ohmwaker is banned. 

Teleport ults are banned. A teleport ult is an ult that can move you more than 1000 Units per 1 cast. Zacs ult does not count as a teleport ult. Twisted Fate and Nocturne's Ult both count as teleport ults.

No Crossing lane for turret protection, if you have been damaged in the last 5 seconds or a enemy champion is visible on your screen you are not allowed to cross lane

Runners must run every 5 minutes, failure to do so will result in a -1 every minute after the 5 minutes

Check Out Bad Piggies Wikia :D

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